when we meet again

when and if we meet again will you know me,
will you pass me by, smile, nod or stop,
will you hold my gaze for just a second,
will you hold out your hand to me in welcome,
will you greet me Zia,
will you thank me or disregard me,
honour me or not even remember me,
will you hold me, when we meet again,
or will I you,
will you change much or completely,
will I recognise you, will you me,
will each moment ive lived without you seem endless
or will it not count at all,
will i be healed entirely,
will those holes in my soul be filled, mended, covered,
will my heart be made whole again,
will we meet by daylight, by night,
will it matter,
will i see more clearly,
will i finally know,
will you love you name and ask me about it,
about why i named you light,
or will you already know and smile knowingly,
will you lead me into a happiness i could not experience,
here in this place that doesn’t have you in it,
will you touch my face, wipe my tears,
will i cry at all,
when we meet again Zia,
will it be the end
or the beginning of something greater.
J ©


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