Everyday I feel a day further away from you,
but a day closer to you too,
Everyday when I feel the emptiness of your absence consume me,
I feel to the deep love I hold for you in my heart urge me on,
Everyday I feel restless about the missing link in our chain,
but I feel stronger too, that I am able to stand, as hard as it is sometimes,
Everyday I am grateful for the time we shared together,
for the conversations only you and I were a part of,
Everyday I forget a little,
but I remember a whole lot too,
Everyday I conjure up images of your little face,
though it has somehow blurred, it’s there, always there,
Everyday precious child I miss you,
everyday I am caught up in the loss of you,
Still, Everyday I cherish the fact that you were,
and always that you are.

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