The never ending road

I feel like I am walking on a never ending road. There are so many curves in this road and I make so many stops along the way. Every few kilometres I walk I stop and I look around and realise I am right back where I was a few kilometres back. There is nothing on the road, just the asphalt, there are no lines that seperate lanes so there is no way that anyone can overtake me or approach me, nothing like that. There are no buildings on either side of the road, there are barren trees, there is earth, hard and dry and unwelcoming. Nothing can grow there and I just walk and walk and walk. That’s how I feel lately. So I turn back sometimes but I realise that it’s all the same, same dryness, same feeling of nothingness and emptiness and loneliness.There is no light on that road I realise and because there is no light, then nothing can grow, nothing can live there, it’s impossible. It’s all in my mind, I know that but it still feels real. I wish that I could find a way to add some colour and life to that road, that I could create on and around it something magnificant. But how can I do that, how.


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