Reflections – The month of July

Miss you Zia

Miss you Zia

Today is the first day of July. This is a significant month, the month my daughter was born and died within me.

My Grief Reflection for today is on the importance of remembering our babies. Their lives are of great importance and we need to allow ourselves to remember them and as much about them as we possibly can. We need to reflect on our brief time with them and about how important that time was. This is an important way to honour our babies, to give them a place in this life in which they are evidently absent. Remembering is a good thing, memories are all we have of them, that and our love for them which will never fade.

Today I spent some time reflecting on one part of the day Zia was stillborn and on this time last year and how hopeful we were antiscipating the arrival of our daughter. I remembered those awful words the doctor said to me which no mother should have to hear “your baby has passed away”. I thought about how that made me feel and I thought about what I could do to pay tribute to Zia, what I could do to make this month more significant and I decided that during the course of this month, I intend to not only reflect on my journey of grief but also my journey with Zia. I want to do this on a daily basis in honour of a beautiful and brief life that I hold in my heart forever.


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