Reflection for today

A year ago, I visited the maternity ward for the first time in my eight months of pregnancy. I was worried about my baby’s movements and I contacted my dr. I just wanted to be sure that everything was ok so I went in and they did a tracing. Everything was ok, the sound of her strong heartbeat filled the room. It was like music, beautiful music.

I left there, that day, so relieved. All was ok.

My reflection for today is “I did all I could”. I tried. I made the effort to go in when things weren’t feeling right. I didn’t just sit back and wait for my next appointment, no, I went in, with my toddler in tow after a long day at work, I went in.

I did all I could and that was enough. There was nothing more I could have done because if there truly was more, I would have done it.

I would have done anything, if that meant she would still be here with me.

I miss you baby Zia, I did all I could

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