Reflection for today

The days move along and we are aleady at the end of the third day of July. I was taken aback by the number of babies who died during this month. CarlyMarie posted the picture I included in my reflection on 1 July and invited bereaved parents to write their babies names and love messages. There were in excess of 1000 comments on that post with names and dates just in the month of July. It is overwhelming to think how many more babies and children died in July that we do not know off and in the other months of the year. It was painful to read. My baby is just one amongst so many others. I am one grieving mother amongst so many others. Together we cry numerous tears for the beautiful babies and children we have lost.

My reflection for today is that each life has great significance, no matter how brief, they are all significant. Life does not being outside the womb. Life begins long before that, they are loved when the idea of them is born, they live and grow for months within our wombs and it is busy a few layers of skin between them and the outside world. They were alive, Zia was alive and she lived and her life will always be treasured. She lived eight long months and grew into the most beautiful baby. Her life in the outside world never started but her life has taught me the value and significance of the concept of life. She is loved beyond measure and she is alive in every beautiful thing on this earth, every light is a reminder of her, every breeze, every moment. She lives through our love for her and that will never fade.

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