Reflections for today

Its ok to be selfish every once in a while
Take some much needed time out to reflect
On things gone or things to come
Its ok to not be productive
To struggle with finding direction
Its ok too, to feel and be literally on top of the world,
Its ok to be religious, if its what you need,
But its ok to let it all go,
Its ok to see hope and feel faithful
But its also ok to feel defeated
Its ok to feel incredibly happy one moment
And miserable the next
Losing a child alters who we are as people
As wives, mothers, women,
Its ok to be strong sometimes
To be motivated, even positive
But its ok not to feel any of that,
Its ok!
Its ok to remember your child with joy
But its ok to embrace the sadness too,
Its ok to look ahead
But ok to stand in that one spot you need to
Whatever we need,
Its ok.


2 thoughts on “Reflections for today

  1. Reading this felt so good.
    Today, my baby would be six months, he’s been gone for 5 months. I thought i’d be sad but i’ve felt positive all day… i guess it is ok.

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