Reflection on time gone by

The sound of her strong heartbeat filled the silence in that hospital room,
I could hear mine faintly in the background,
Hers was amplified,
I listened to the sound and absently looked outside the window,
A feeling of contentment washing over me,
Gratified that she was well,
My worries had been in vain,
I sighed in relief, smiling,
The sound of her heartbeats more rapid how
the precious rhythm continued,
was it five minutes, possibly more,
I didn’t count,
I just listened,
Thanking the powers that be for small mercies,
I lay there, listening as those beats filled the silence of the hospital room,
a sound of perfection,
a sound of recognition,
a sound of hope,
The sound of you,
I imagine that if I enter that same hospital room today,
The silence will be deafening
There would be no need to listen to my own heartbeat,
I feel it but I am empty inside,
I would place my hands across the space you once lived in,
And I would sink to the ground weeping,
Utterly Defeated,
For You are gone.


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