Reflection for today

“I glanced outside our bedroom window this morning and caught sight of the lemon tree. The morning winter sun enhanced the colour of the beautiful yellow lemons which hang from the tree. It’s the season again, I thought, when the yellow lemons bloom. When I looked at them, my thoughts instantly went to you. Of when you still lived, of when there was still hope that you would be arriving any day now, I didn’t realise how soon “any day” was at that time.

Yours and Brady’s nanny, aunty Nto used to bake us the tastiest batch of lemon cupcakes every Friday before she left for the weekend. Dad and I would eat every last one by Sunday, we would hide them away from visitors. Lemon cupcakes will always remind me of you. We enjoyed them together and that will always be a good thing. Yellow is also the last colour I saw you in, the colour I most associate with you.

I dreaded seeing those lemons again but when I did, I sent aunty Nto a message for the cupcakes recipe which never quite followed up on. Even in the sadnes, those lemons give me a sense of comfort too, like being close to you again. I would love to bake them sometime and I will remember you with each bite. Today I reflected on the sweet days of yellow lemons and on you. I miss those days my precious baby but I miss you most of all.”

That was my reflection for today but I would like to expand it to say that Dad thought of yellow lemons too and he wrote something about that too. I think that you were somehow with us today, you are always with us, we carry your heart in our hearts.


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