Recapturing You

Today I received my first course material for an amazing photography course I will be starting called “Illuminate”. It is specifically designed for babyloss parents like me to assist us to capture where we are on our grief journey and our journey of healing after losing a baby. It is also a way to help us remember our babies.

I love the name of the course because it is your name, Light, how appropriate that I would find it and on your birthday. I was meant to find it. Maybe you sent it to me. I have been very interested in pictures for a long time but especially since you left because I am always looking for something to capture which reminds me of you. I am looking forward to this so very much.

My reflection for today is our journey. I want to recapture it, relive it and find more ways to express our relationship, our time together, you. I have no pictures of you Zia but every beautiful thing I do see is a reminder of you. I love you my baby, you are beautiful beyond words, and if I could I would take pictures of you every day. All I have is some scan pictures, these I treasure, so this course is a special tribute to you.


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