Just missing you

We light candles in your honour since a month after you passed away. We used to light it monthly on the 16th but also in between. We have been lighting it daily since the first day of this month. I light it and I imagine that in that moment you must know we are thinking of you. The candle lit is a reminder that someone who ought to be here and isn’t. Its a sad but comforting reminder. A reminder snd a tribute to you. I saw the most beautiful dresses today, dresses I would have loved for you to wear, white ones with pearls and glitter, a black one with a big pink flower, things I will never buy. I may walk pass these reminders and not say a word but that doesn’t mean I am not screaming inside for what should have been. I wish I could leave this place sometimes and go to where you are, find you and hold you close forever. I miss you today, I will never get to do girl things, pick out outfits, paint your nails or do your hair. I am all alone Zia, a lonely girl and I miss you terribly.

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