on lessons

My reflection for today is on lessons
I learnt a lot from you Zia
Indirectly and directly too
People may not understand that but I did
I learnt to be strong
To keep walking and not to fall
I learnt to put the welfare of others before my own
I learnt the importance and value of family life
I learnt to give others the benefit of the doubt
To take kindness when it is offered
To say I am not ok, when I am not
To stand tall when the odds are against me
To grieve openly but with dignity
I learnt that I can’t turn back time
That there isnt anything credible on google about that
I learnt to trust my heart
To honour life
To cherish it
To be grateful for small mercies
I learnt through your death that although life proceeds
I never have to leave you behind
I can take you with me
As a part of me always
I learnt how to mother without
I learnt how to mother within
You were a lesson, a teacher, a guide
My daughter
My life


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