In Between

Is there a world between this one and the next, where our babies are spiritual beings, surrounded by glorious light, they have no specific age, simply when we last saw them, where nothing but baby giggles and rainbow bubbles can be seen. There is a smell of honey and sugar and no matter where you turn there is simply beauty. And the older children too, those that left their parents too soon. They carry our babies now and then until they flutter away, some golden butterflies, some the wind, some the rays of the sun. Our babies are there, guardians of those to come. Their spirits soar the skies by day and wrap themselves around our brokenness, by night they lay watch at our sides until the dawn of the new day.

I am by no means religious anymore but I can’t help but want there to be more, a place where I can meet Zia someday and talk with her heart to heart, soul to soul. It’s been two years and I miss her terribly. I cannot say what it is I feel anymore, sadness yes, madness yes, pain, nothingness but happiness too at the fact that she was here once and that she led me through the lessons of silence. Silence so deafening, you can hear it, feel it, taste it.


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