Capture your grief Day 10 – WORDS

In Words is where I found you again,

When I felt I lost you, Words led me to you,

When I write I can see you, I can feel you,

I can hold your hand and share my heart,

In this world of Words you never truly leave,

You grow as my story does,

We share things we never will in person,

In my lonely hour, when I miss you most words comfort me,

Words have been my healing,

Words have been my refuge,

Words are where we will always meet,

Words keep us together forever.


2 thoughts on “Capture your grief Day 10 – WORDS

  1. So profound! Hello Jo-Anne. My name is Kim, and I recently found your blog through a WordPress feature of some sort. (I can’t remember, really.) I am so sorry for the loss of your precious, Zia Sarai. Such a beautiful name! Five months ago, I gave birth to my daughter, Leona Grace, and seven days after birth, my husband and I had to say goodbye. Having just found your blog, I just wanted to “check in” and say how much this poem has touched my Mommy heart. I, too, feel my connection with my daughter through my Words. I appreciate your own words, giving my own heart more expression.

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