Capture your grief Day 11 – GLOW IN THE WOODS

Today I too honor my dear friends at Glow In The Woods,. I was directed to the site through reading another baby loss mother’s article. It was truly a place of refuge in a very dark hour. Reading through the grief of others helped me work through my own. It is still a place I call a home, I have recently become the forums moderator at Glow which is such an honor for me to be able to give back some of what I have been given. The site is beautiful; the people beautiful, with a deep understanding and a way of making you feel like you belong, that you’re not alone. I mention this often because it is so very true. In my country the support for baby loss is very minimal so I have found the most support online, especially at Glow. There is always someone around to “listen”, someone who understands. On a more personal level, I am grateful to my husband for the love and support he has given me even whilst working through his own grief. Even when I was hard on him, he stood by me, held my hand in the darkness guiding me home. My sister-in-law, being a loss mother herself is also someone I am so grateful to have in my life, she is the one who never forgets Zia’s birthday and stops by whether we feel like it or not, which I love and appreciate. And in general all of my in-laws who on those hard days, send a message to let us know they are thinking of us. Those small gestures mean so much.


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