Capture your grief Day 15 – WAVE OF LIGHT

On this 15 October 2015 I remember my sweet daughter Zia “Light” who lives in my heart and soul. I remember Baby Breeze who was with me for the briefest time but whose existence mattered. I will share my candles this evening once they are lit. For now I would like to firstly write about what this day means to me. As much as it saddens me when it comes around, I know I am not alone so I participate with the parents around the world with my whole heart. I always light a candle for other babies, some I know by name through my online friends, others I don’t but I keep them in my thoughts. This community grows every day and it breaks my heart so much, the hardest part is that there are incredibly beautiful people in it. Supportive, kind, caring and amazing in so many ways. These are wonderful people who give so much of themselves to uplift another, even in their own struggles, they are there to shed some light in another person’s darkness. I don’t know where I would be without my friends at Glow in the woods ( and so many other forums. I found them during a dark time and they helped me find my way into some light. It has not been an easy road but without them it would have been even harder. I already see this community working hard to reach out to the newly bereaved around the world like through the Grieve Out Loud Pen Pal programme ( So all I want is for this work to continue and support as many broken hearts as is possible.


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