Capture your grief Day 17 – SECONDARY LOSSES

When Zia died, it was a shock to everything I knew, a shun to everything I believed in, a realization that everything I considered to be true wasn’t, it was a question to my very existence as a human being. The me I knew then died, she was and is no more. I lost friends in the aftermath, family, religion, faith and even hope. I was reborn and I have made new friends, I recognize what family is and I cherish those people with my who heart, I lost my religion but I am free to love myself and those around me in a way religion never allowed me to. I am able to accept people for who they are, see their goodness through my own eyes, I have gained some faith, in my own efforts, in those around me, I can acknowledge success and attribute it to hard work, I can acknowledge goodness and attribute it to humanity at its best. I don’t know that there is a god but I believe in spirituality and that there are forces of good as there are forces of evil and whether there is just one way to find goodness, I do not think so. I hope every day and I take life one day at a time. I won’t stop hoping for the best even though I have lost my child, I have to continue hoping for those left behind.
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