I am angry

I am angry today. Truly I am. What gives someone the right to assume that because I want nothing to do with their pregnancy, that I am jealous of them being pregnant and that because my baby died, I want their baby to die to. If I wanted to be pregnant, at 31, I suppose I could be, but I chose not to be. After my baby died, I just chose that. It is my decision, my husbands and that is about it. I am uncomfortable with pregnant people and I do not need to justify that to anyone. I am not mistreating anyone. I simply keep away from them. It is my right. Sadly not everyone respects the choices of others.

One thought on “I am angry

  1. You are right. Just because you are uncomfortable with the situation doesn’t mean that you are jealous or wishing someone else ill will. You went through a traumatic experience and avoiding traumatic triggers is a natural response to that – especially when the situation or relationship isn’t giving you the support or empathy that you truly need. I don’t think I’ll ever go to another baby shower in my life, and anyone who would hold that against me, rather than try to understand the pain and tragedy I’ve been through, isn’t at a place in their own life to be the kind of person I need in my own life right now.

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