I am tired, truly truly tired of sadness.

Back in 2006, I was sad, my 7 year old neice was run over by a speeding motorist. she died on the scene. 7 years late, my Zia died and I was just completely brokenhearted, lost and in a place I didn’t quite understand. 14 months later a miscarriage. I didn’t even know I was pregnant at the time, it still hurt like hell. 13 months later my dad died and I wasn’t exactly on the best terms with him when he did. And this morning we found our family pet cat on the roadside, she was run over some time last night. It’s just sad. Sad that there are losses at all, loss of the life of family members so near and dear, loss of pets who we welcome into our homes and love so dearly.

I look at my son and he is constantly sad, he wishes he had a sibling to play with and his grandfather back. It’s all made him nervous and anxious little boy, where he never was that way. So I am tired of sadness. We have decided that we will not tell him about our cat but rather say she ran away. Many people may not agree with that but my view is this "why break an already broken little heart more?". In a few years we will tell him of course and he will be a little mad but right now is not that time, for now, he can really use a little less death in his life.

So I am simply tired of being sad and seeing my family sad.

RIP Coral …😿


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