I don’t want this month to end,
I don’t want to have to fight July yet again and lose, hopelessly, dismally,
I don’t want to have to face yet another death month, cold, heartless, death month,
it creeps up on me yearly,
stripping my skin off my bones. leaving me standing completely, utterly naked,
the month of tears that come uninvited,
the month of deep deep sorrow,
Oh yes, July, you heartless bitch of a month, how I hate you!
There should be a way to eraze July, just wipe it off the calendar in one swipe,
shred it to pieces and leave it bleeding on the floor,
you callous month of dread, I despise you so,
Bring me September, bring me spring,
Bring me December , oh let me snuggle my toes in the sand and breathe in the sea air,
Let me not experience you again…
I count the days 10,9, 8 now 7..
you’re at my doorstep,
surely I can choose to leave you out there,
where the cold can shred you bare,
where my daughterlessness can die along with you.


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