Reflection for today

5 July 2014

” No he isn’t my only child but he is the only one you see”

I want to say that to everyone I meet who asks if Brady is my only child. But who really wants to hear the sad tale of my loss, who wants to know how often I cry and how deeply I miss you. Not the lady in the supermarket, not the people making conversation in passing. No, yours is a story for another day. To be shared with people who want to know, who listen, who understand, who know what it is like. I agree that we must break the silence but there is a place and time for that. Your life is not one to be looked down upon, it is a life of importance. So today I reflect on the fact that there is a time for your story.

I dont want to see the look on peoples faces or hear the comments which insinuate that you dont count. Its not work justifying something to people who do not have the heart to understand. I am a mother of two, I know it, those that count do too. I love you! When I answer them, its because they don’t count, they dont know you nor do they want to. I refuse to share your life with those who do not deserve you.

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